Edinburgh Airport: what countries can I fly to? Edinburgh departure destinations and their travel list status after latest UK travel update

As more destinations arrived on Scotland’s green list for quarantine-free travel at the last UK travel update, here’s where you can fly to from Edinburgh and a map to show the list status of available destinations

By Liv McMahon
Friday, 10th September 2021, 7:16 am
Here are all the Edinburgh Airport destinations you can fly to and the current travel list status for every location (Image credit: Lisa Ferguson/JPI Media/Getty Images)
Here are all the Edinburgh Airport destinations you can fly to and the current travel list status for every location (Image credit: Lisa Ferguson/JPI Media/Getty Images)

With Covid-19 restrictions mostly lifted in Scotland and the entirety of the UK, many are now looking to take advantage of eased Covid rules and book holidays abroad in destinations closed off to UK travellers during the pandemic.

While countries like the United States are still upholding border restrictions on UK travellers as the Delta variant continues to spread, many more opened up their borders to travellers from abroad.

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For those in Edinburgh looking to escape from the City after months of lockdown and staycationing, here are all the destinations you can travel to from your local airport, their travel list status explained.

How many destinations does Edinburgh Airport have?

In total there are almost 150 flight destinations at Edinburgh Airport, including 83 direct, non-stop flight paths.

Barbados and Orlando were recently added to the airport’s direct flight destinations, with Virgin Airlines switching its nine hour flight path to the Caribbean tourist hotspot from Glasgow Airport to its east coast counterpart last week.

Barbados is currently on the UK’s green watchlist, though, so could move to amber at the next UK travel update if Covid-19 cases in the country continue to rise.

Which Edinburgh Airport destinations are on the green list?

Of all the 37 total countries on Scotland’s green list for travel, several feature on the Edinburgh Airport’s departure destination list.

Included among them are Berlin in Germany, Oslo in Norway and Copenhagen in Denmark.

Countries on the UK’s green list allow travellers to cross borders without needing to quarantine.

Destinations in Turkey, Mexico and Egypt such as Istanbul and Cancun, however, remain on the UK’s red list for travel and pose a higher risk of catching Covid-19 or associated variants like the Lambda variant.

The majority of the airport’s destinations, like the French cities of Nice, Paris and Marseille, remain on the amber list.

You can now view all of Edinburgh Airport’s departure destinations and their traffic light travel status by using our interactive world map.

This shows you every destination you can travel to across the world, with airport information provided when you hover over the end of each arc – which are displayed in red, amber or green according to the destination’s list status.

What are the Covid rules for travelling from Edinburgh Airport?

According to the Edinburgh Airport website, rules such as the wearing of face coverings in indoor public spaces remain in place when making your way through the airport.

If you forget your face covering at the airport, masks in packs of four are available to buy from vending machines on the site – with the airport “donating any profits to charities who have been providing important services during this time.”

While airlines themselves are operating their own rules for face coverings and PPE, the airport is keeping its travel guidance in line with recommendations from the Scottish Government.

It has also introduced a one way system for passengers entering and exiting the airport, with a sky-blue line on the terminal ground to be followed by those coming into the airport and visiting check-in desks.

A maroon line will help those leaving the airport navigate the one way flow of passengers and avoid crowds in arrival areas.

Hand sanitiser stations are also located throughout different parts of the airport.

When it comes to rules for entering other countries, you will need to follow UK and local government guidance – and may need to get a PCR test on departure or arrival in the UK.

You can find out how to do this here.

Full list of Edinburgh Airport destinations

- Alicante, Spain - amber list

- Amsterdam, Netherlands – amber list

- Antalya, Turkey – red list

- Athens, Greece – amber list

- Baden-Baden, Germany – green list

- Barbados – green watchlist

- Barcelona, Spain – amber list

- Basel, Switzerland – green list

- Belfast, United Kingdom

- Bergen, Norway – green list

- Berlin, Germany – green list

- Beziers, France – amber list

- Bilbao, Spain – amber list

- Billund, Denmark - green list

- Birmingham, United Kingdom

- Bodrum, Turkey – red list

- Bologna, Italy – amber list

- Bordeaux, France – amber list

- Boston, United States of America – amber list (US ban on UK travellers remains in place)

- Bourgas, Bulgaria – green list

- Bournemouth, United Kingdom

- Bratislava, Slovakia - green list

- Bristol, United Kingdom

- Brussels, Belgium – amber list

- Bucharest, Romania – green list

- Budapest, Hungary – amber list

- Bydgoszcz, Poland – amber list

- Cancun, Mexico – red list

- Carcassonne, France – amber list

- Cardiff, United Kingdom

- Catania, Italy – amber list

- Chambery, France – amber list

- Chicago, USA – amber list (US ban on UK travellers remains in place)

- Cologne, Germany - green list

- Copenhagen, Denmark – green list

- Corfu, Greece – amber list

- Cork, Ireland

- Dalaman, Turkey – red list

- Derry/Londonderry, United Kingdom

- Doha, Qatar – amber list

- Dubai, United Arab Emirates – amber list

- Dublin, Ireland

- Dubrovnik, Croatia – green watchlist

- Dusseldorf, Germany – amber list

- East Midlands, United Kingdom

- Eindhoven, Netherlands – amber list

- Esbjerg, Denmark – green list

- Exeter, United Kingdom

- Faro, Portugal – amber list

- Faroe Islands, Denmark – green list

- Florence, Italy – amber list

- Frankfurt, Germany – green list

- Fuerteventura, Spain – amber list

- Gdansk, Poland - amber list

- Geneva, Switzerland - green list

- Gibraltar, UK – green list

- Girona Costa Brava, Spain – amber list

- Gothenburg, Sweden - amber list

- Gran Canaria, Spain – amber list

- Grenoble, France - amber list

- Guernsey, United Kingdom

- Hamburg, Germany – green list

- Hanover, Germany – green list

- Helsinki, Finland – green list

- Heraklion (Crete), Greece – amber list

- Ibiza, Spain – amber list

- Innsbruck, Austria – green list

- Islay, United Kingdom

- Isle of Man, United Kingdom

- Istanbul, Turkey – red list

- Izmir, Turkey – red list

- Jersey, United Kingdom

- Katowice, Poland – amber list

- Kaunas, Lithuania – green list

- Kirkwall, United Kingdom

- Kos, Greece – amber list

- Kraków, Poland – amber list

- Lanzarote, Spain – amber list

- Larnaca, Cyprus – amber list

- Lisbon, Portugal – amber list

- London City, United Kingdom

- London Gatwick, United Kingdom

- London Heathrow, United Kingdom

- London Luton, United Kingdom

- London Stansted, United Kingdom

- Luxembourg, Luxembourg – amber list

- Lyon, France – amber list

- Madeira, Portugal – green watchlist

- Madrid, Spain – amber list

- Malaga, Spain – amber list

- Malta – green list

- Manchester, United Kingdom

- Marseille, France – amber list

- Menorca, Spain – amber list

- Milan, Italy – amber list

- Munich, Germany – green list

- Munich Memmingen, Germany – green list

- Nantes, France – amber list

- Naples, Italy – amber list

- New York, USA – amber list (US ban on UK travellers remains in place)

- Newquay, UK

- Nice, France – amber list

- Norwich, UK

- Orlando, United States of America – amber list (US ban on UK travellers remains in place)

- Oslo, Norway – green list

- Palma, Spain – amber list

- Paphos, Cyprus – amber list

- Paris, France – amber list

- Philadelphia, USA – amber list (US ban on UK travellers remains in place)

- Pisa, Italy – amber list

- Porto, Portugal – amber list

- Poznan, Poland – amber list

- Prague, Czech Republic – amber list

- Pula, Croatia – green watchlist

- Reus, Spain – amber list

- Reykjavik, Iceland – green list

- Rhodes, Greece – amber list

- Riga, Latvia – green list

- Rome, Italy – amber list

- Rotterdam, Netherlands – amber list

- Salzburg, Austria – green list

- Santander, Spain – amber list

- Seville, Spain – amber list

- Shannon, Ireland

- Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt – red list

- Sofia, Bulgaria – green list

- Southampton, United Kingdom

- Split, Croatia – green list

- Stavanger, Norway – green list

- Stockholm, Sweden – amber list

- Stornoway, UK

- Stuttgart, Germany – green list

- Sumburgh, United Kingdom

- Tallinn, Estonia - amber list

- Tenerife, Spain – amber list

- Thessaloniki, Greece - amber list

- Toronto, Canada – green list

- Toulouse, France – amber list

- Turin, Italy – amber list

- Valencia, Spain – amber list

- Venice, Italy – amber list

- Verona, Italy – amber list

- Vienna, Austria – green list

- Warsaw, Poland – amber list

- Washington D.C., USA – amber list but US travel ban remains

- Wroclaw, Poland – amber list

- Zakynthos (Zante), Greece - amber list

- Zurich, Switzerland - green list

To view all Edinburgh Airport destination and travel information, visit the airport’s website at https://www.edinburghairport.com/.

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