TikToker records world's shortest flight in Scotland - taking just one minute and 14 seconds

A Tiktok creator has filmed the shortest flight in the world here in Scotland – taking just one minute and 14 seconds.

Noel Philips, 41, shot the video flying between the islands of Papa Westray and Westray in the Scottish archipelago of Orkney – which is just 1.7 miles (2.7 kilometres).

He shared it with his 53,000 followers on TikTok, saying: “This flight is so short it will fit into one TikTok video.”

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But it is also dubbed one of the most expensive flights in the world due to its short distance and price tag of £17.

Noel Philips shared a video of the world's shortest flight in Scotland on his TikTok (@noelphilips)

"I love flying on little flights like this and travelling around some of the world's most remote communities,” said Noel, a travel vlogger from Derbyshire.

"Scotland has so many of these tiny flights connecting the remote communities in the islands, and living in the UK it's so easy to travel to.

"The planes that serve these islands are quite small, they're like getting onboard a minibus! You can't take any hand baggage onboard, it all has to go in the boot when you get onboard.”

Embarking on the world’s shortest passenger flight was one of the reasons Noel travelled to the Orkney Islands. It is popular with tourists who want to have that unique experience, but the flight is also relied on by locals who need to connect with more populous areas of the isles via Kirkwall.

It has received some criticism, with some questioning if it’s necessary to fly such a short distance. However, the alternative is a 20-minute boat ride through rough seas.

In the past, the local council has suggested a bridge be built to connect the two islands, but nothing has been authorised so far.

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An aviation enthusiast, Noel has travelled on some of the planet's more obscure flights, trains and transport links.

He has travelled across the planet and reviewed the likes of the world's "longest", "worst" and most "dangerous" flights.

"Every time I think I've 'done it all,' I find another experience that goes on the list,” says Noel.

The Orkney flight can carry up to nine passengers and operates twice a day with Loganair. It gets people across the water in close to one minute, with the record being 53 seconds.