'Yer Da sells Avon': 21 uniquely Scottish insults and their history

There is something unique about the Scottish language when it comes to insults.

Friday, 6th September 2019, 12:35 pm
Picture: TSPL

It’s aggressive without effort, with a few simple phrases able to send someone on their way. The Scots language was the country’s original tongue, dating back 1,400 years ago, and at one time Scots was the national language of Scotland, spoken by Scottish kings, and was used to write the official records of the country. Now the Scots language becomes a point of pride with some people, using words that - outside of some regions of Scotland - have never been heard. The opening of the Scottish Twitter exhibition in Edinburgh this August was a showcase of how funny an insult in Scots can be. With the ability to deliver a well timed insult viewed as almost an art form, by using some of these simple phrases, you’ll never be left tongue tied with a red face.

Clipe Dont be a wee clipe - tattle-tale, snitch.
Your father is a representative of the Avon company. The ultimate in humiliation.
Get lost

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Youre talking mince - rubbish
A roaster is an idiot or someone acting stupidly.
Insane, unpredictable.
Toilet head. Made famous in this S1jobs advert with the saying: "Haw lavvy heid, youre getting it."
Shut up; shut your mouth
Someone who drinks to excess.
An idiot or someone acting stupidly.
Youre talking nonsense; not making sense.
When something or someone is unpleasant.
Not the full shilling.
A coward.
Foul-smelling, disgusting.
Stupid, simple.
Idiot, jerk.
Dirty, unkempt