12 drivers fined near Edinburgh for using bus lane to avoid queues

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A total of 12 drivers were caught and fined this morning for using a bus lane to avoid queues in the outskirts of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh's Road Policing Scotland officers were carrying out bus lane enforcement on Burnshot Road, near Crammond Brig, to catch those trying to skip queues.

The stretch of road concerned. Pic: Road Policing Scotland

The stretch of road concerned. Pic: Road Policing Scotland

All of the snared drivers were handed £50 fines as a result.

In a tweet this morning, Road Policing Scotland highlighted the various types of vehicles eligible to use the bus lanes.

These include: Public service vehicles like Lothian and First Buses; taxis but not private hire cars; motorbikes; pedal cyclists; emergency services vehicles

Many Twitter praise the Road Policing unit for their efforts to clamp down on the problem.

Some tweeters highlighted other bad spots in the Capital.

Daniel Eunson said: "Another highly misused bus lane is the one city bound on St John's Road between Templeland Rd and Manse Rd. Also, westbound between Manse Rd and Drum Brae South."

But Matt Barnes said: "Nothing else going on in the city but let’s get some cash from the motorist trying to get to their work through a shambles of a city, least you're not sitting in McDonald's!"