124mph driver ‘ordered home to clean up milk’

Haddington Sheriff Court
Haddington Sheriff Court
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A DRIVER claims he was forced to drive at more than 100mph on a busy road – because he had left the top off a bottle of milk.

Razwan Saleem, from Edinburgh, was racing along the A1 in his Mercedes E Class at 124mph after a family member ordered him to come home to clean up the mess he had left due to the seal on the milk being left open.

And when police officers eventually caught up Saleem they also discovered his car had two defective tyres which could have exploded at any time due to his excessive speed.

Saleem, 24, made the unusual milk carton claim during an appearance at Haddington Sheriff Court on Wednesday, where he was banned from the road for 12 months.

Solicitor John Gallagher said: “He had left his packed lunch in the van and there was milk in there.

“The seal of the milk container had broken and the family member had phoned him to tell him to get back there fast.”

Sheriff William Taylor fined Saleem £200 and banned him from driving for 12 months.

Saleem was also sit an extended driving test before he is allowed to get back behind the wheel.