20,000-diamond morphsuit to cost £1m

The �1m morphsuit, which contains 20,000 diamonds. Picture: Complimentary
The �1m morphsuit, which contains 20,000 diamonds. Picture: Complimentary
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Containing 20,000 diamonds, the morph-a-million morphsuit is the latest jewel in the crown for an Edinburgh-based costume empire.

AFG Media designed the sparkly number to ensure whoever wears it stands out from the crowd.

Co-founder Gregor Lawson said they came up with the idea after customers said they were lacking a more flashy design.

He said: “Someone was asking us for something with a bit more bling. They mentioned it being jewel-encrusted and this is what we came up with.

“We are all about making an impact and we have never had a suit with this shiny, bling effect before.”

The one-off suit, in a size large, took a painstaking 1000 man-hours to attach each diamonds to the grey spandex costume. And while the firm refuses to say how much it cost to produce, it has cheekily priced it at a hefty £1 million - making it the most expensive such suit in the world.

The price tag is said to reflect the quality of the diamonds used and the time it’s taken to create the “Mercedes Benz of morphsuits”.

Gregor said: “We are conscious how few of our worldwide fans would have £1m in their back pocket – it was more a bit of fun really.

“I think the results were incredible. It’s something crazy, eye-catching and really good looking. There’s no doubting whoever wears it would certainly stand out.”

The company, started by three Edinburgh University graduates four years ago, has taken the world by storm. It now has more than 1.3 million followers on Facebook, where the diamond suit was unveiled last night.

Last year the company secured a £4.2m investment from the Business Growth Fund (BGF) to boost its overseas operations.

The new addition goes alongside its Hallowe’en outfits, which are being used in the company’s “Fright Mob” activity which sees pranks played on the unsuspecting public in October.

The suit’s few wearers have commented the full body costume fits “like a glove” and naturally, they “feel a million pounds”.

Gregor said it would be perfect for a celebrity wanting to make an impression.

He said: “It certainly would have some impact wherever it was worn. If David Beckham went on to wear it, we’d obviously be delighted.”

Costume drama

AFG Media created the all-in-one skin tight costumes, branded Morphsuits, in 2009. The Gullane company, founded by Gregor Lawson and brothers Fraser and Ali Smeaton, has seen revenues rocket from £1.2m in 2010 to £11m last year. It recently branched out to produce a line of distinctive golf clothing, Royal and Awesome.