£200-a-head Hogmanay party branded ‘shambolic’ as guests threaten to sue

Guests were left disappointed by Edinburgh's VIP Hogmanay HQ party, the Hub, Edinburgh
Guests were left disappointed by Edinburgh's VIP Hogmanay HQ party, the Hub, Edinburgh
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GUESTS at a “shambolic” Hogmanay party have threatened to sue organisers of the New Year’s Eve bash after it “descended into chaos” before the bells.

‘Hogmanay HQ’ was billed as the premiere way to celebrate the end of 2018 according to event bosses Underbelly, with tickets going for more than £200.

Guests were promised the opportunity to “celebrate Hogmanay in style” at the Hub on Castlehill as they brought in the New Year with prosecco, live music and a front-row seat to the Capital’s iconic fireworks display.

However, many were left disappointed as booze stocks ran dry, guests were forced to “beg” for food and a rush to see the spectacular main event of the evening caused a “crush” as attendees desperately fought for a chance to catch a glimpse of the celebrations.

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And some are now considering legal action after their request for a refund was ignored by the company.

Myra Philp, 55, told the Evening News she spent £820 on tickets to the party, which she attended with friend Clay Revels, 49, who had flown over from Washington DC to experience Edinburgh’s Hogmanay for the first time.

However, Myra admitted she was “dismayed” by her experience at the event, branding it a “national disgrace”.

She said: “When we got there around five minutes after it opened, nearly all the tables were taken, we just managed to grab the last one, but there was people there who had spent upward of £200 to stand all night.”

“In the end, the manager had to ask security staff to carry tables and chairs into the main room, but of course guests then started moving them around.”

She added: “The band didn’t even play Auld Lang Syne at the bells, people outside in this alleyway behind the building where they took us to see the fireworks started singing it ironically.

“I ended up telling the manager that he was going to have a riot on his hands if they didn’t sort something out, it was just absolute chaos.”

According to the official advertisement, guests were to be treated to a “full buffet dinner,” however Myra said when the food on offer arrived - a steak pie curry - it was served in “miniscule portions”.

She added that two of her party, which also included son Andrew Latto, 32, and his partner Kimberley Saddler, 27, were unable to eat the food due to being allergic to certain ingredients.

Myra said: “We weren’t expecting the earth. We just wanted a nice, different New Year and we ended up moving furniture around and begging for food.”

“There were tourists from the United States, China, people from down South visiting for the first time and this is the memory they are going to take away from it. It is an absolute disgrace.”

Ed Bartlam and Charlie Wood, directors of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, said: “We are saddened to hear that a guest at our Hogmanay HQ event has not had the experience they’d hoped for. We very much value any and all feedback and are currently reviewing all elements of the event, alongside the event venue The Hub to ensure we continue to maintain the best possible experience for our guests.”