2012-mile walker stops off in Capital

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CHARITY fundraising hero Phil Packer MBE is set to bring his epic 2012-mile charity walk to the Capital as he aims to raise £15 million to build a BRIT Centre of Inspiration.

Phil, who will arrive in Edinburgh tomorrow, is doing the challenge after suffering a severe spinal cord injury in 2008 and being told he was unlikely to ever walk again.

For Phil, walking eight to ten miles is the equivalent of a marathon for a person without a spinal cord injury.

He will walk six miles in Edinburgh, starting at 8.30am, going from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Park.

Phil said: “My vision is for a centre that serves young people and brings charities and their best practice together, helping our youth to decide what they want to achieve in life and how to do it.

“This is about providing a physical legacy for our young people who face their darkest times.”