60% of Edinburgh citizens pass kindness test

Edinburgh citizens appear to be kinder. Picture: Graham Riddell
Edinburgh citizens appear to be kinder. Picture: Graham Riddell
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THREE out of five people in Edinburgh would go out of their way to perform an act of kindness, a survey suggests.

When 850 sets of keys with the owners’ contact details on them were dropped in 15 cities across the UK to see how many would be returned, the Capital came seventh in the league table - behind Belfast and London, but ahead of Cardiff.

Sixty per cent of the Edinburgh keys were returned, but the city also recorded one of the quickest times for a key being handed back with one being returned in just five minutes compared with the national average of six hours.

Oxford, Cambridge and Belfast came top with 80 per cent while Glasgow was bottom with just 34 per cent.

Brendan Burchell, head of sociology at Cambridge University, said modern life could get in the way of doing the right thing.

He said: “The fast-paced nature of modern life means that even when we know it would be ethical to act in a certain way, our best intentions are not acted upon.”

John Candillier, of Keyfetch.com which carried out the National Altruism Study, said: “We know people are intrinsically good. The study gave the UK the chance to prove just that. Altruism is the heartbeat of society, it unites people and makes them a community.”