69% believe Scotland will leave UK

Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: Jane Barlow
Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: Jane Barlow
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NEARLY half of Scots believe the country will vote for independence within the next decade, a new study on voter attitudes ahead of May’s General Election has revealed.

It shows 69 per cent in Scotland, 59 per cent in England, 54 per cent in Wales and 59 per cent in Northern Ireland believe Scotland will leave the UK.

But there was also agreement that a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU should be decided by a majority of votes across the UK rather than individual countries being allowed a veto.

Dr Daniel Kenealy, from Edinburgh University, which conducted the research, said: “Despite Nicola Sturgeon’s call for an EU referendum veto by the four nations of the UK, it remains unpopular with people across the UK. This shows us that on some issues people across the UK still think in terms of a single political unit.”