70% of student endowments remain unpaid

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ALMOST seven in ten students have failed to pay their graduate endowment, new figures have shown.

Parliamentary questions have revealed that only 7220 out of 23,062 students who graduated between 2004 and 2007 have paid the £2000 fee.

The SNP government abolished the graduate endowment after taking office.

Stewart Maxwell, SNP MSP for West Scotland and convener of the Scottish Parliament’s education and sport committee, said: “These figures lay bare the appalling legacy Labour has left on our students, with 69 per cent of them still saddled with this debt.

“In contrast, Scottish debt levels are the lowest in the UK under the SNP. We have a generous package of student support and are working to deliver a minimum income of £7000 a year for the most vulnerable students.”

The government last month said a new £10 million funding package would provide 2000 extra university places for students from poorer backgrounds.