Actor killed himself as torturer let out of jail

A PROMISING young actor took his own life after a sadistic thug who had held him captive and tortured him during a 14-hour ordeal was released from prison.

Jamie Morrison's funeral was held at Liberton Northfield Parish Church. Picture: John Devlin
Jamie Morrison's funeral was held at Liberton Northfield Parish Church. Picture: John Devlin

Jamie Morrison, 27, was found dead at his Edinburgh flat last Tuesday, the morning after he had failed to show up at the premiere of a film he was in.

His mother Margaret said her son had chosen to die rather than live in fear of muscle-bound attacker Billey Harvie, 24, who was jailed for beating and slashing Jamie while holding him captive two years ago.

Harvie was recently released from jail after serving just half his three-year sentence.

Margaret said: “My beautiful boy is gone because he was frightened and he just couldn’t take it any more.

“After Harvie got out of prison, he just didn’t feel safe.

“I am heartbroken. He was so loved and was such a talented, wonderful boy.”

Edinburgh’s Liberton Northfield Parish Church was packed yesterday for Jamie’s funeral as devastated friends and family ­gathered to say their final 
farewells to the keen singer, dancer and actor who was a former member of the theatre production the Edinburgh Gang Show and was also a successful DJ.

Jamie’s nightmare began in September 2012 when Harvie and his girlfriend, who were friends of Jamie, turned up for a drink at the actor’s home at Gorgie Park Close in Slateford.


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When Harvie had a row with his girlfriend, Jamie rushed to her defence but then found himself the victim.

Harvie refused to let him go, kicking him and punching him, pushing glass into his face and punching out his teeth.

He was only released when Harvie’s parents turned up looking for their son. The thug went on the run for three weeks before police arrested him in October 2012.

Margaret, 46, said: “Jamie’s flat was like a murder scene. My son had been crawling about his flat in agony all night. There was blood all over the walls. It was horrible.


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“My son was gentle and never a fighter. He hated any kind of violence.

“He would wake up screaming with terrible nightmares. He would have terrible panic attacks. I tried to help him but there was nothing I could do. He was scared.”

“He is dead because of what happened to him. He never felt he got justice and that made ­everything worse for him.”