Adventurers gather to give public a taste of their lives

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TOP explorers and daredevils are gathering under one roof in Edinburgh for one night only to share their experiences of adventure with a live audience.

More than 400 guests will be treated to 11 talks during the Night of Adventure event at Vue Cinema in the Omni ­Centre on September 2.

Speakers include award-winning wildlife photographer Anna Henly and adventurer Gavin Francis, who spent a year of silence and solitude among emperor penguins.

The event’s host is award-winning writer and journalist Nick Thorpe, whose latest book, Urban Worrier: Adventures in the Lost Art of Letting Go, tells the story of his year-long quest to find balance and fulfilment by sampling everything from naturism to monasticism, Buddhism to ­ballooning.

Nick said: “The speakers at Night of Adventure may have travelled the world several times over and found ­themselves in some pretty hairy situations along the way, but their talks could well be their biggest challenge to date.

“Once they begin there is no stopping or turning back – it’s fast, furious and extremely stressful for the speaker.

“The audience must be ready to be swept from adventure to adventure with only their beer and popcorn to steady their nerves.”