Airport passengers delayed by ‘shambolic’ security

A crowded Edinburgh Airport. Picture: Scott Taylor
A crowded Edinburgh Airport. Picture: Scott Taylor
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ANGRY passengers have slammed Edinburgh Airport as an “absolute shambles” after they faced queues of up to an hour to get through security.

Hundreds of travellers were caught up in delays as the new £25 million security facility became overwhelmed by a rush of passengers bound for early morning flights.

Airport chiefs said the problem stemmed from a “large number of people arriving in a short space of time”.

The incident is just the latest in a string of problems to face the airport after it installed the new security hall towards the end of last year.

In November, Rebus author Ian Rankin branded Edinburgh Airport “embarrassing” after he was caught in a lengthy queue as he waited to board a flight at 7.30am.

And earlier it was claimed 13 out of 14 security staff members had called in sick on the same day.

Maxine Duffy, 19, from Stirling, passed through yesterday morning on her way to catch the 8.15am flight to Bristol.

She said: “It was just horrendous. When we walked in we were an hour and a half early, but it took us about an hour and 15 minutes to get from the entrance to out past security.

“I fly from Edinburgh all the time because I live down south, but it’s never, ever been like that before. I’ve never seen anything so bad in my life – it was going out the front door. It wasn’t well directed and there was nobody telling anyone why there was a queue. There was no apology – there was nothing.”

Margaret Williams, who got caught in the delays on her way to an early morning flight to Belfast, insisted the issue was a recurring problem.

The retired businesswoman said: “It was an absolute shambles. They disabled the elevator and the queue to get through security was right out the front door. I was at the airport by 5.45am and it was stowed out.

“I was really annoyed about it. It’s happened to me before.

“I regularly fly from there so I know it’s a problem that came with the new security system. It’s a case of disorganisation and nobody knowing what they are doing.”

Edinburgh Airport’s new security facility is one-and-a-half times larger than the old hall and boasts facial recognition and new hand luggage scanners.

Colin Keir, MSP for Edinburgh Western, said he would be raising the issue of delays with the airport’s management.

A spokesperson for Edinburgh Airport said: “Due to a large number of people arriving at the airport in a short space of time some of our passengers experienced queues to get through security.

“We worked hard to ensure everyone got through security as safely as possible and the issue was quickly resolved.

“We work hard to ensure our operations and passenger forecasting are of the highest standard and apologise for any inconvenience caused to our passengers today.”