Alert after number of bogus calls

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POLICE are hunting a gang of bogus workmen who have tried to trick their way into homes by pretending to be checking water supplies.

A trio of incidents was reported in West Lothian on Saturday afternoon, where men showed ID cards, but ran off when their identification was queried by residents.

The incidents took place in Chapelton Avenue in Polbeth, Jubilee Road in Whitburn, and Charles Crescent in Bathgate.

A police spokesman said: “Fortunately, these homeowners have been wary of the cold callers trying to get into their homes so have managed to deter them by checking their identity cards. We would encourage everyone to do the same.

“All too often these people try to target the most vulnerable members of society, so we are asking communities to take responsibility, and don’t let anyone into your house if you have not arranged for them to come.”