Alex and Olivia top Edinburgh Baby names

Sarah Dickson with baby Jack, which is still the nation's favourite boy name. Picture: Toby Wiliams
Sarah Dickson with baby Jack, which is still the nation's favourite boy name. Picture: Toby Wiliams
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A MARGINAL growth in support for independence has been matched by a similar increase in another poll – Edinburgh newborns called Alexander.

The First Minister’s name topped the boy chart for Edinburgh in 2013 – the second year running – with 49 youngsters being given the title.

The moniker – meaning defender of men – enjoyed a 6.5 per cent increase on last year, while Olivia came top for the girls, in figures released by the National Records of Scotland for 2013.

It follows a one per cent rise in support for a Yes vote according to one of the latest independence polls.

Edinburgh SNP chief Steve Cardownie described Alexander as a “good Scottish name”.

He said: “I am sure the First Minister 
will claim that is down to his unbridled popularity as a leader and the odds now of Scotland becoming independent will shorten dramatically as a result of more children being called Alexander.”

No-one from Better Together was available to comment on Alistair being missing from the top 100.

Jack and Sophie retained their titles as the most popular baby names across Scotland as a whole in 2013.

Edinburgh mum Sarah Dickson, who has nine-month-old Jack Dickson-Smith, said she chose the name because it was “strong and simple”.

She said: “I think that’s why it’s really common. I think it’s pretty cool, too.”

Several fresh names broke into the list of Edinburgh’s favourite baby names, with Matthew replacing Rory and Samuel in for Harry.

Olivia climbed in popularity with 56 girls given the name, while last year’s most popular, Sophie, dropped down to third place in the table, with 40 births recorded in that name. Isla remains in second spot with 43 given the name. Amelia and Mia left the top ten while newbies Anna and Ella replaced them.

In West Lothian, Lewis was the top name for boys. Ethan was the runner-up and Jack closely behind. Sophie, Lucy and Ava were among the most popular names for girls.

East Lothian followed the national trend with both Jack and Sophie taking the top places. Harry was a close runner-up and Harris third. Emily and Chloe were the most popular names for girls.

Across Scotland, parents chose almost 7400 different forenames for their children, with nearly 4800 of them unique, with the top names only accounting for about two per cent of the baby names.

Lyndsay Grant, of Little Learners Nursery in Lasswade Road, said there were “no two children with the same name”.

She said: “We have quite a lot of traditional names but also a lot of children from Europe and across the globe now. I think that is why we don’t have anyone who shares a name.”

Top ten city boys’ names

1: Alexander

2: Jack

3: James

4: Daniel

5: Oliver

6: Thomas

7: Matthew

8: Samuel

9: Max

10: Lewis

Top ten city girls’ names

1: Olivia

2: Isla

3: Sophie

4: Emily

5: Lucy

6: Ella

7: Anna

8: Jessica

9: Emma

10: Lily