Alex Salmond ‘inspired by Robert the Bruce’

Alex Salmond. Picture: John Devlin
Alex Salmond. Picture: John Devlin
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ALEX Salmond has revealed he was inspired by Robert the Bruce during the independence referendum campaign.

And the former First Minister compared David Cameron to Edward I, the Hammer of the Scots.

In an interview with 
BuzzFeed, Mr Salmond said the medieval wars of Scottish independence were in his thoughts in the run-up to last year’s vote.

“Bruce came into my mind quite a bit during the referendum campaign,” he said.

“We had the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn in the middle of June. Some of my young advisers were very uncomfortable with that association, but I think your soul would have to be dead to not be inspired by it.”

As well as thinking about Bruce’s 1314 triumph, Mr Salmond thought of the defeated English King’s father Edward I, who executed William Wallace.

“While I don’t regard David Cameron as Edward Longshanks – for a start, he’s not as able – there are parallels you can draw and things you can learn from history.”

Mr Salmond – who is bidding to return to Westminster – described himself as “the bogeyman of the establishment”. And he said: “The problem for the Tories, and Labour, for that matter, is that I’m certainly more popular than David Cameron and Ed Miliband in England. Definitely less unpopular, anyway, let’s put it that way.”