Alistair Darling sets up firm ‘to protect brand’

Alistair Darling
Alistair Darling
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ALISTAIR Darling has created a company to protect his “brand” and stop it being taken by someone else.

The former Chancellor who spearheaded the Better Together campaign, has registered the name Alistair Darling Ltd.

The 61-year-old Labour politician quit earlier this month after a 27-year career at Westminister.

But during his last year as an MP, he earned almost double his salary from the lecture circuit.

He and wife Maggie are listed as the sole directors of the new firm but Mr Darling stressed that it was “not operating at the moment”.

He added: “I set it up in order to get me name. I’ve had experiences with email addresses where my name has been taken by other people.”

Mr Darling, who was the chancellor under Gordon Brown, was a director and the chairman of the Better Together campaign launched in 2012.