Anger as Edinburgh Krispy Kreme snubs 2-for-1 deal

Hermiston Gait customers aren't benefiting from the Choco Mania promotion. Picture: Ian Georgeson
Hermiston Gait customers aren't benefiting from the Choco Mania promotion. Picture: Ian Georgeson
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THEY had been flavour of the month with the opening of their first Scottish store – but Krispy Kreme customers have hit out after Edinburgh was the only outlet excluded from a UK-wide doughnut drive.

The incentive, sent out to the firm’s mailing list yesterday morning, gives customers the chance to pick up 12 free original glazed doughnuts when they purchase another dozen.

However the two-for-one, launched in celebration of their new Choco Mania doughnuts and coffee, has a big Edinburgh-shaped hole, as the small print explains the offer does not apply in the new 
Hermiston Gait branch.

Aaron Millar, 23, of Leith, was one of those who queued up on the first day the store opened on February 13.

The hundreds of people packing out the store brought traffic chaos to the area as cars caught up in the two-hour wait for the drive-in tailed back on to the motorway.

Aaron, who works in marketing, said: “The first day they opened I happily waited 40 minutes to be served, but I have to admit I was really quite dismayed when I saw this.

“I realise these offers are designed to get more people through the doors and obviously they feel in this particular store they don’t need to do that, but it feels like they’re snubbing a customer base who really deserve to be rewarded for their loyalty. It’s harmed my opinion of the brand and I don’t think I’ll be going back there anytime soon.”

However, an expert in business and promotions has defended the thinking behind the decision.

Restauranteur Malcolm Duck, who is also chairman of the Edinburgh Restaurant Association, said: “Offers like this are designed to get people into an establishment who would not otherwise go. If you’re doing very well then there’s no reason why you would offer a two for one, it would be crazy. You would basically be giving your money away for no reason at all.

“Also, if the store is already extremely busy, this kind of offer could just put un-needed extra strain on the staff, meaning customer wait times would rise while the quality of service goes down.”

While the initial excitement over the opening of the store, which saw 300 people waiting in the snow for the stores 7am opening, has died down over the last month, customers at the drive-in were still waiting an average of 15 minutes to be served this time last week. Krispy Kreme did not respond to a request for comment.