Armed thief had run up overdraft

An unmasked armed robber targeted a shop where he was a familiar customer after he became anxious about an overdraft he ran up with a bank.

Walter Moss walked into Margiotta in Haymarket Terrace with a knife, making no attempt to disguise himself, and his crime was caught on CCTV.

Footage of Moss grabbing an employee and putting a knife to his neck before cash was handed over was shown to a judge at the High Court in Edinburgh yesterday.

Advocate depute Stephen O’Rourke said: “The shop was close to the accused’s then home address and indeed he was known to those working in the shop.”

Defence solicitor advocate Andrew Houston said Moss, 27, had been receiving benefits but had run up an overdraft with his bank.

Moss admitted assaulting Margiotta employee Samuel Hendry by seizing him and holding a knife to his neck, repeatedly demanding money and robbing him of £900 on January 27 this year.

Judge Lord Uist deferred sentence until next month and called for reports.