Asda Jewel shopping trolleys ‘litter nearby area’

Councillor Mike Bridgman wants more action to solve the trolley problem. Picture: Greg Macvean
Councillor Mike Bridgman wants more action to solve the trolley problem. Picture: Greg Macvean
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A CITY minister is calling on a supermarket to stop his area from becoming a “shopping trolley graveyard”.

Malcolm Muir, 59, of Magdalene, has registered several complaints with Asda at The Jewel about discarded trolleys in neighbouring streets and waterways.

Despite the complaints of the semi-retired minister, the ­shopping trolley problem continues to grow.

Mr Muir said: “It seems to have gotten a lot worse since the end of August.

“I drive my wife to work quite early in the morning and often I’ll have to get out of the car to move a trolley out of the middle of the road.

“They seem to be lying about everywhere – there is a graveyard of 14 behind Magdalene Gardens in the Magdalene Glen, which forms part of the cycle path to Brunstane from Duddingston Park South, and another six in Magdalene Drive.

“A lot of them are ending up in the Niddrie Burn, where they create an eyesore and degrade the environment.”

He is now asking that store managers take greater steps to prevent the trolleys leaving the car park.

“There’s no real barrier stopping people taking them away. The wheels are supposed to lock after a certain point – I don’t know if that’s not working properly or if people are carrying them out. Surely some sort of physical barrier would be better?”

He added: “I’ve also noticed that since The Range opened some of their trolleys have been dumped in the area, but they seem to be collected very promptly.”

Councillor Mike Bridgman said that the supermarket should “take responsibility for their debris”.

He said: “It must be costing them a fortune so it’s in their interest to fix the system so people can’t leave with the trolleys.

“Maybe they should send a wee van around to pick them all up. I’m taking this matter up with the environmental wardens with a view to finding out why this keep happens and how we can stop it.”

Terry Tweed, of Craigmillar Community Council, said the problem had been getting worse in recent weeks, “so obviously ­something is not working”.

The problem has been raised with the Magdalene Neighbourhood Association.

A spokesman for Asda at The Jewel said that the Carttronics system, which causes trolley wheels to lock after a certain distance, was in full working order.

Store manager Callum Nicholson added: “We’d plead once again with the minority of people that do take trolleys off site and abandon them to stop doing so, and ask anyone else that sees one abandoned to call so we can collect it.”