Astronaut Tim Peake lands in Edinburgh

Astronaut Major Tim Peake speaks at Dynamic Earth. Picture; Toby Williams
Astronaut Major Tim Peake speaks at Dynamic Earth. Picture; Toby Williams
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IT’s fair to say his audience was left completely over the moon.

Major Tim Peake landed in Edinburgh during his tour yesterday and immediately enthralled budding astronauts young and old with his tales of living and working inside the International Space Station

Picture; Toby Williams

Picture; Toby Williams

In a special event at Our Dynamic Earth, the astronaut told the crowd “I’m just an ordinary person doing an extraordinary job” as hundreds of children sat in awe listening to his adventures.

Among the fascinating tales, he told his fans what it feels like to travel in and out of space, and that he does think aliens exist.

He also revealed how the WiFi connection in outer space “crashes” just as it does at home, and when you look at Earth during the day, “you don’t see many signs of habitation.”

After his speech, a handful of children were photographed with Major Peake at a short meet and greet session, while others were over the moon to get their programmes signed.

Finlay Simon, 10, from the city centre jumped up and down with excitement after he managed to get his autograph.

He said: “I was so excited 
for today – I really want to be an astronaut too. It’s been so fun.”

Before leaving the building, Mr Peake took part in a Q&A session with the children, where they were given the chance to write a question down on a piece of paper in which he answered in front of the crowd.

Hannah and Jonathan Collings, nine year-old twins from Livingston, were both ecstatic when the astronaut answered both of their questions.

Jonathan said: “I just really wanted him to answer my question and he did.

“I asked him if he’d dropped anything since he got back to earth and expected it to float.

“He said he hasn’t, but really has to grip onto the heavy things tight.

“We love Tim Peake, we think he is an amazing man and we love science too.”

Major Peake – Britain’s first European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut – began a six month mission to live and work on the International Space Station back in December last year, and returned to Earth in June. This week, he visited both Edinburgh and Glasgow as part of his UK wide tour.

Last night, more fans were given the chance to meet him at the Usher Hall, where he 
did another Q&A session with hundreds of science lovers.

Eilidh Massie, marketing manager at Dynamic Earth, said: “We are pulling out all the stops this October with a visit from Tim Peake.

“His amazing contribution to the European Space Agency, and science as a whole, is inspirational and we were so excited to have him here.

“We’ve been following Tim’s space adventure closely over the past year, and we are truly honoured to have been able to welcome him to the attraction.

“This was a day for all the family to enjoy and one that will be truly unforgettable.”