Australian couple set to wed on Arthur’s Seat

Bronwyn Jones and Christian Southward are getting married on Arthur's Seat. Picture: Greg Macvean
Bronwyn Jones and Christian Southward are getting married on Arthur's Seat. Picture: Greg Macvean
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THE top of Arthur’s Seat in the middle of winter may not be the first-choice wedding venue for most couples – but that’s where Bronwyn Jones and Christian Southward plan to tie the knot today.

The pair have jetted 10,000 miles from Australia to get married in Edinburgh – and neither of them has told their families.

They decided on the hilltop ceremony after holidaying in Scotland two years ago.

But they had not actually been to the top of Arthur’s Seat until they went to check it out yesterday.

The couple come from Newcastle in New South Wales, two hours north of Sydney.

Bronwyn, 25, a high school science teacher, said: “Two years ago we came on a trip to the UK and fell in love with Edinburgh.

“We had only been dating a couple of weeks, but I decided to tag along on his bachelor tour of the UK.

“When we got home we decided to elope and we thought this was the ideal place to do it.

“No-one in our families knows – but we might tell them to look at the Evening News.”

She will walk up to the wedding spot from the Holyrood car park wearing full wedding dress “complete with hiking boots”. “I’ll be carrying my heels with me and pop them on for the ceremony,” she said.

Bronwyn admitted she was a little concerned how cold it might be at the windswept summit.

She said: “We might not have thought this all the way through. I’m a bit worried about the cold, but I think the adrenalin will kick in and I will be OK.”

The wedding will be conducted by humanist celebrant Tim Maguire and there will be just four guests – two of the couple’s best friends, who travelled here with them, and two other friends who have recently moved to Scotland.

Christian, 30, who works as an accountant, said he and Bronwyn were always keen to come back to Edinburgh and were hoping for “incredible” views and photographs from the top of Arthur’s Seat.

“It started as an idea 
Bronwyn had as a bit of a joke, then we talked about it more seriously and we thought ‘why not?’

“Bronwyn is naturally adventurous, but I’m a bit more cautious. We’ve both been married before and had big weddings with 100 guests. We wanted to do something at the opposite end of the spectrum – have a quiet one, just us in the middle of nature.

“We both love nature and we do a lot of hiking in the Blue Mountains and elsewhere, so going up Arthur’s Seat isn’t too different from what we often do – just not in a suit and a wedding dress.”

The forecast isn’t too bad for today but, just in case, the couple have arranged a standby alternative indoor venue if it’s pouring with rain.