Avon gives Reuben a firm foundation

An Edinburgh student has won a scholarship '“ one of only four awarded in the UK this year '“ thanks to his businesswoman mother.

Thursday, 21st December 2017, 7:00 am
London, 5 December  Local businesswoman and Avon Representative, Alice Woolard from Edinburgh, has won one of just four Avon scholarships awarded in the UK this year, securing £1,590* towards her son Reubens education. The scholarship is designed to support young people reach their goals educationally, and is awarded to just 100 people globally each year by Avon. The exclusive prize will support Reubens studies of Musical Theatre at the MGA Academy in Edinburgh and will help pay towards tuition fees, studying materials and accommodation. Reuben was eligible to enter for the chance to win the Avon Foundation Scholarship as his mother, Alice, is one of the cosmetic companys top Sales Representatives, having run her own Avon business for 12 years.

Businesswoman and Avon Representative Alice Woolard has won an Avon scholarship, securing £1,600 towards her son Reuben’s education.

The scholarship, which is designed to help young people reach their goals educationally, is awarded to just 100 people globally each year by Avon.

The prize will support Reuben’s studies in Musical Theatre at the Capital’s MGA Academy, helping to pay his tuition fees. Earlier this week MGA students lit up the Usher Hall with annual showcase A Christmas Wish.

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Reuben was eligible to apply for the Avon Foundation Scholarship as Alice is one of the cosmetic company’s top sales representatives, having run her own Avon business for 12 years.

Alice said: “We’re so fortunate my son Reuben was chosen to win this scholarship. Unlike other Scottish courses, this academy is not government funded so I’m really pleased we were able to help Reuben achieve his dream and go to this school. It’s great to know that Avon really care about their communities and that my hard work over the past 12 years has paid off, not only benefiting me, but also my family.”

The Avon Foundation launched the Avon Global Scholarship Programme for Children and Grandchildren of Top-Selling Representatives in 2011 to provide partners with support for their families as they pursue their educational goals.

Matthieu Comard, Group Vice President of Avon Western Europe, said: “At Avon we want to help people achieve their goals, and we’re proud to be able to give our scholarships to these well-deserving young scholars. It’s extremely difficult for us to select the winners as there are so many worthy and hardworking young people within the Avon community.

“We’re so pleased we were able to award four people in the UK this year. This not only demonstrates the effort these students have put towards their studies, but also their continued commitment to further education. We’re looking forward to what Reuben’s future will bring and wish him all the best.”

Scholarship recipients were selected on the basis of past academic performance and future potential, leadership and participation in school and community activities. Work experience, as well as their career and educational aspirations, were also considered.

Eligible students need to be in their final year of upper secondary school planning to enrol in a full-time undergraduate course of study or currently enrolled in full-time undergraduate study at an established educational establishment.