Back-up needed as blessing fails to stop ‘hauntings’

Vicky Dann says a blessing from minister Keith Mack only seemed to worsen spooky goings-on in her flat.
Vicky Dann says a blessing from minister Keith Mack only seemed to worsen spooky goings-on in her flat.
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A CHURCH of Scotland minister has been called in to help a family who have become too terrified to stay in their “haunted” flat.

Mother-of-two Vicky Dann told the Evening News how she had been left at her wits’ end by the spooky goings-on in their Dalkeith home which had left her daughters Jenna, 18, and Emma, 11, petrified.

The stay-at-home mum claims strange shapes appear from nowhere in photographs she takes, while her children regularly see ghostly figures.

In desperation she contacted Reverend Keith Mack, Church of Scotland minister at St John’s and King’s Park Church, who blessed the flat a fortnight ago.

After that seemed to worsen matters, he has now pledged to try again – with more ministers.

He said: “Sometimes this kind of thing comes up and we have blessed a few houses, and it seems to have done the trick.

“However, it doesn’t seem to have worked fully here, it seems to have got worse.

“I will speak to a few other ministers and see what they would do.”

Jenna now refuses to be left alone in the family home while Emma has been having nightmares for the last month.

Miss Dann said if the situation doesn’t improve, she may have to consider leaving her Castle Rock Edinvar home in Newton Village, where she has lived for the last decade.

The 40-year-old said the unusual activity started around two years ago but has intensified over the last two months.

“Emma swears that she sees a man with boots on, in a black suit and a cap coming through our door and disappearing down the hall,” she said.

“Jenna said she sees a woman with blonde hair and a white nightie standing in the hall.”

She added: “Every time we take pictures in the house we either get orbs or people we don’t know in them.”

Miss Dann said she had contacted Historic Scotland in the hope that it could provide information on the surrounding area or any accidents that have taken place.

She also got in touch with Midlothian Council and said the local authority passed on Rev Mack’s contact details.

Ms Dann said she had taken between 50 and 100 photographs in the flat, which she claimed showed unexplained orbs, figures or faces.

“You feel like you’re going mad,” she said. “It’s a weird thing to say but sometimes you can sense that somebody is watching you. If I get a sense that someone’s watching me, I take a picture on my mobile.”

She hopes a second blessing will help but failing that she said the family may have to consider leaving their home.

“I don’t want to move, but if we don’t get rid of them, I think we will have to move.”

A spokesman for Castle Rock Edinvar said: “Ms Dann has asked for our help in providing information on the history of the area. We will work together with her to find the best solution to this situation.”

A Midlothian Council spokesman added: “We received a public inquiry about the history of a specific area and – as per normal practice – responded.”