Baker casts UV light on pie thieves

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A BAKERY in the Capital has introduced chemical branding for potential pie thieves.

The Greggs chain has announced that after a spate of attempted break-ins, its Edinburgh outlets are now using the SmartWater spray system.

It marks any potential thieves with a harmless liquid that carries a chemical signature. The solution is only visible under ultraviolet (UV) light.

Bruce Duncan, retail loss prevention manager for Greggs, said: “We’ve experienced a number of attempted burglaries at shops in ­Edinburgh and our priority is to protect our local colleagues while ­preventing future incidences occurring.

“The conviction rate where SmartWater has been deployed is outstanding and sends a very clear message to thieves that our shops represent a ­significant risk of detection and subsequent arrest.”

Greggs shops also have access to rapid deployment SmartWater spray systems, which can be installed at short notice almost anywhere within a store.

A spokesman for the chain said the devices will be moved around based on intelligence provided by the police in areas where there is a heightened risk of burglary.