Bank staff’s heroic effort to raise cash

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A TEAM from Barclays bank in Edinburgh has helped to raise £170,000 in public donations for Children in Need.

Staff climbed 29,000ft of stairs in the company’s city office – the same height as Mount Everest – equating to 12,000 staircases.

As well as manning Children in Need phones, the Barclays Wealth team in Scotland dressed as superheroes for the day and embarked on an effort to help raise money for the campaign.

Overall the team in Scotland raised £170,000.

Mark Little, managing director of Barclays Wealth in Scotland, led 150 colleagues dressed as Batman in a bid to make the charity drive a success.

Mr Little said: “I suspect there will be a lot of sore legs in the office for a while, as well as a few sniggers as the superhero costumes weren’t exactly flattering. However, it was for a good cause so I’ll happily take the flak.”