Bare Buff offers naked cleaning service

Naked housework
Naked housework
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MOVE over naked chef, take a seat nudey rambler . . . now its the turn of the steamy cleaners.

A new firm of starkers domestic helpers is dropping jaws across the Capital with its offer of house-sprucing services that is guaranteed to send pulses racing.

City-based Bare Buff Home Services is billed as a “cheeky cheeky” commercial cleaner that will “get your chores done with a difference”.

A husband and wife team – nicknamed Ken and Barbie – can be booked to perform all-manner of annoying household tasks from cooking to ironing in their birthday suits.

Since opening on Monday, the service has already attracted ten bookings, with more thought to be in the pipeline.

Co-owner Ken – not his real name – explained that while customers would enjoy an eyeful, the prime focus of the business was to leave homes spotless.

“We wanted to bring something that is unique to Edinburgh, even country-wide to our knowledge,” he said. “The inspiration came from Spartacus, with the naked slaves, and housekeepers, that was the thought process initially. My wife has a background in theatre so there was also a theatrical element as well.

“We don’t know how it will go but we may at some stage have to look at taking on more staff.”

Ken, who is in his forties and has young children, said he and Barbie are conscious there could be an element who may try to book their £30-an-hour cleaning service for the wrong reasons but said there were strict ground rules to deter the wrong kind of clientele.

The company’s rules insist that all clients must remain fully clothed throughout the cleaning process and no children are allowed to be present. Furthermore, no video recording or photography is permitted.

Ken said he realised the service is likely to be a hit with stag and hen parties but said he and Barbie would decline such offers and were focused on carrying out a thorough job.

He said: “Obviously there are adult elements, in the sense there is nudity, but we make it clear to people there are no personal services available. The way we see it we are offering cleaning services – but the uniforms are different.

“We tell clients we are mature – I always describe myself as the Full Monty rather than Chippendale.”

He added: “It’s a bit of fun but we are serious about what we are doing, we are not exhibitionists we are trying to run a viable business.”

Barbie, who has worked as a costume designer and in theatre, said they could be booked at five hours notice - either together or separately.

“They can be in the same room as we clean and watch if they want,” she said.

Ken has a background in food distribution but both will work full-time running the firm.

Barbie is described as being in her mid-30s, slim, dark hair, 1.75 metres tall, and a size 8.

For some of the chores – and to comply with health and safety – aprons or rubber gloves may be worn.

A police spokeswoman said there was no criminal offence in offering naked cleaning services.