Barman jailed for sex attacks on sleeping women

Kamil Potuszynski was jailed at the High Court in Edinburgh. Picture: Bill Henry
Kamil Potuszynski was jailed at the High Court in Edinburgh. Picture: Bill Henry
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A BARMAN who sexually assaulted two women whilst they both slept has been jailed for six years and nine months.

Kamil Potuszynski, 27, told officers he abused the females on two separate incidents in Edinburgh in 2013.

The High Court heard on Friday how he told police officers he was “very sorry” for assaulting his victims at a house in Leven Street.

The court heard how Potuszynski - who once worked at a bar on the Grassmarket - told police: “I just want to say sorry and I wish it didn’t happen.”

The story emerged after Potuszynski, of Penicuik, Midlothian, pleaded guilty one charge of attempted rape and another charge of rape at the High Court in Edinburgh before judge Lord Boyd last month.

Sentence had been deferred until Friday so the court could obtain reports about his character.

Passing sentence, Lord Boyd told Potuszynski that he had no other option but to send him to prison.

He added: “You have caused your victims significant physical and mental trauma as a result of what you did.

“The only option available to me is to impose a substantial period of custody.”

At earlier proceedings, prosecution lawyer David Taylor told the court that Potuszynski attacked his first victim, who is aged 24, on an occasion between February 2013 and the start of March 2013.

The court heard that she had met Potuszynski on a night out and been drinking with him before he attempted to rape the female, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Mr Taylor said: “She recalls clearly saying to the accused ‘NO NO NO’ and the accused replied ‘Hey it’s okay’ or ‘Hey it’s cool’. She thereafter remembers nothing and believes she must have fallen asleep.

“At approximately midday that day, the first complainer awoke from her sleep completely naked. At this time she was in her bed. The accused was not within the locus at this time.”

“She did not report the matter to police immediately.”

Mr Taylor also told the court that Potuszynski raped his second 20-year-old victim following a night out in Edinburgh on July 26 2013.

Mr Taylor told the court that Potuszynski’s second victim found him lying in bed beside her when she awoke from her sleep.

She had also met him and had been drinking in his company with him before going back to the house where Potuszynski attacked his first victim.

Mr Taylor added: “She saw that the accused was lying in bed beside her and was also naked. The second complainer was aware she must have had sexual intercourse with the accused.

“She asked the accused about what had happened between them, specifically whether they had sex.

“The accused replied by stating ‘yeah’. She then started shouting at the accused. The second complainer was so distressed by this that she slapped the accused twice to the head. The accused left the locus.”

The court heard that the police were informed about Potuszynski’s conduct. After investigating him, they found they had enough evidence to detain him.

Mr Taylor told the court that Potuszynski then confessed to what he had done during a formal police interview which was conducted at Edinburgh’s St Leonard’s Police station on August 2 2013.

He added: “At 10.31pm, the accused was advised that he was no longer being detained and was under arrest in respect of the allegations made.

“In response to formal charge in respect of charge one on the indictment, the accused replied: “I just want to say sorry and I wish it didn’t happen.”

“In respect of charge two on the indictment, the accused replied: “I’m really sorry for that.”

Mr Taylor also told the court that the second victim is receiving medical help for her ordeal.

He added: “She is presently receiving medication for depression and attends counselling.”

Defence solicitor advocate Robbie Burnett told the court that his client was sorry for committing the crimes.

Mr Burnett added: “He has never been in trouble before.”

Lord Boyd also placed Potuszynski on the Sex Offenders Register.