Beattie backs renaming of Murrayfield

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Former Scotland rugby star John Beattie has backed plans to sell off Murrayfield’s name – but thinks it would cause a major “hoo-ha”.

Scottish Rugby Union chief executive Mark Dodson paved the way for the controversial change after declaring he had uncovered sponsors willing to pay to rebrand the ground.

The cash-strapped SRU has had the stadium’s name valued at “millions of pounds per year”, a figure that would alleviate funding issues in the organisation, which has a debt of £13 million.

Beattie, 54, said: “I don’t care, it’s just a name. I think the younger fans will think what I think, that you should try and benefit your sport as much as you can.

“The traditionalists will be upset, there will be a huge hoo-ha. But in the modern world, where you are scrabbling about to get every penny you can, you have to take every advantage.”