Bernard Gallacher ‘can’t remember heart attack’

Bernard Gallacher is on the road to recovery. Pic: File
Bernard Gallacher is on the road to recovery. Pic: File
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SCOTTISH golfing champion Bernard Gallacher has revealed he cannot

remember the heart attack that almost killed him.

The Ryder Cup winning captain, from Bathgate, had a massive coronary

as he was about to give an after-dinner speech at an Aberdeen hotel in


Gallacher, 64, said he had no memory of events leading up to the ordeal.

He spent a week in intensive care at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary after

medics had to restart his heart three times as they fought to save him

from a cardiac arrest.

The golfing legend said his last memory of that period was leaving

Spain, where he had been on holiday with wife, Lesley.

“The doctors say that losing your memory like I did, which was due to

the oxygen deprivation I suffered whilst in cardiac arrest, is like a

safety mechanism in the brain,” he said.

“They say it’s normal in these circumstances.”

Gallacher said he had been told by doctors that his fitness and

strength kept him alive after his heart stopped beating three times on

the way to hospital.