Biker fined for crash that killed Ugandan woman

Police at the scene after the crash
Police at the scene after the crash
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A MOTORCYCLIST has been fined for his role in a fatal accident which claimed the life of a woman described as a “Ugandan Mother Teresa”.

William Shirley, 24, originally stood trial at the High Court in Edinburgh accused of causing the death of Flavia Tumwijukye, 50, by dangerous driving in Great Junction Street on September 27, 2013.

But Shirley, of Fidra Court, Muirhouse, had denied the offence and was yesterday found guilty only of careless driving. He was fined £150 and had three penalty points put on his licence.

Ms Tumwijukye, from Stokes Croft, Bristol, was crossing the road when the collision occurred. She suffered multiple skull fractures and a serious brain injury.

Following the jury’s verdict, the judge criticised the length of time it took to bring a case to trial, pointing out that recollections by eyetwitnesses had been dimmed. He said the court was left to deal with “an instance of speeding at a level which was not greatly above the speed limit and nothing more than that”.

Lord Pentland said he did not think it was possible to say what the exact speed was, but it was probably in the region of 35 to 40 mph, although that was too fast.

After Ms Tumwijukye’s death, her family paid tribute in a statement released via police to “an invaluable daughter and ambassador” to Uganda.