Biking and boarding centre opens

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A NEW biking centre has opened its doors in Craigmillar.

Transgression Park was officially opened to members of the public at the weekend.

The facility, in an old warehouse within the Peffermill Industrial Estate, offers a place for young people to cycle, rollerblade or skateboard.

It provides a range of man-made swoops and curves for people to practise tricks.

Doug McFadzean, co- director of the new venture, said: “Skateboarders and bikers are often looked upon as outlaws so we’re providing them with a safe place to practice their skills.

“People see kids flying about on their bikes or jumping pavements with their skateboards and they often regard them as a menace. But actually, all they are doing is playing. So we want to give them a space of their own where they can keep this slightly edgy, street-cred feel but be safe, dry and warm at the same time.”