Bird’s aerial attack adds to Murray misery

Frank Boyle Cartoon 28/01/2013
Frank Boyle Cartoon 28/01/2013
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AS if an unlucky white feather distracting her son on court wasn’t bad enough, Judy Murray has told how she had her own bird-related disaster to contend with during the Australian Open Final.

In a tweet responding to an Evening News cartoon which depicted her shooting the birds responsible for breaking Andy’s concentration, she revealed that wasn’t the only apparent sign of good luck which proved, well, less than lucky.

Tweeting about the cartoon by Frank Boyle, she wrote: “Ha love it. A bird crapped on my back during final too :)”.

At least she still has a sense of humour as well as a dry-cleaning bill.

Both will no doubt be hoping for fewer good luck signals when Andy next takes to the court.