Blind pensioner falls after reporting faulty drain

The defibrillators will be installed in all of Scotland's 1000 dental practices. Picture: Ian Georgeson
The defibrillators will be installed in all of Scotland's 1000 dental practices. Picture: Ian Georgeson
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A blind pensioner has threatened legal action against the city council after she was left concussed by a fall caused by a loose pavement drain she had already reported.

Ros Macaskill, 63, of Bruntsfield, was walking home with her guide dog, Lily, last Friday night, when she stumbled in Montpelier Park.

The retired medical secretary, who has been blind since she was four, had to scream for help after she hit her head on a council bin and was left stranded in the gutter.

She said: “I have had a very nasty fall but it was not so much the fall but the fact I hit my head very heavily on the corner of the metal bin when I fell and I hit my temple.

“I was coming home after being out for the evening, it was about 10pm, and a very nice young man came to pick me up and my dog had a terrible shock.”

Ms Macaskill said she originally reported the “accident waiting to happen” around 18 months ago after she had to “wrestle” one of her heels out of the hole. Now she has been told she needs to go for a skull X-ray. She still has problems opening her mouth and brushing her hair because of the “battering”.

She is also threatening to sue the council if the problem is not fixed.

“They are just unbelievable that they still haven’t done the job,” she said. “I really was very shaken and I’ve told them if they don’t do the job I’ll be going to my solicitor.

“They are prepared to squander hundreds of millions on trams that no-one wanted and they cannot even be bothered to keep their residents safe – I’m very angry.”

Concerned neighbour Thomas Sheridan, 31, said: “I certainly think they should sort it out – it’s a hazard.”

A spokesperson for sight loss charity RNIB Scotland said: “There are more than 3000 people in Edinburgh living with significant sight problems, and this will rise in the years to come. This underlines the importance of ensuring our streets are safe for them.”

A council spokesperson said: “We are sorry to hear about Ms Macaskill’s fall and wish her a speedy recovery. We will be making an immediate temporary repair while we arrange a permanent fix.”