‘Bogus cop’ stops woman driver on Edinburgh bypass

The police civilian worker is said to have flashed his ID pass at the driver pretending it was a warrant card. Picture (posed by models): Neil Hanna
The police civilian worker is said to have flashed his ID pass at the driver pretending it was a warrant card. Picture (posed by models): Neil Hanna
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A POLICE civilian worker allegedly stopped a woman who cut him up at a busy roundabout and pretended to be an officer.

The man pulled her over at Sheriffhall Roundabout, flashed his police ID pass and told her: “This is not your lucky day, lady.”

But the woman – who was taking her elderly mum for a spin – immediately recognised the pass was not a warrant card, as she has been issued with the same sort of pass while visiting Fettes HQ.

After she challenged the fake cop he jumped back in his car and zoomed off.

She chased after him and managed to jot down his registration number – with police later confirming the bogus officer worked at the Force Communication Centre (FCC) at Bilston Glen.

The woman – who does not wish to be named – initially feared she was being subjected to a road rage attack.

She said: “I was trying to be careful but as it turned out I was in the wrong lane. I ended up cutting off this guy in a Volvo.

“He then moved right in front of me and stopped in the middle of Sheriffhall Roundabout, which was really busy.

“This guy jumped out of his car and came towards me. I was really worried as I thought it might be a road rage attack. He pulled out a pass with ‘police’ in the top corner with his hand covering the rest. He said: ‘This is not your lucky day, lady’.

“I couldn’t believe an officer would put us in danger by stopping in such a busy place. A lorry could easily have gone into the back of us.

“Then something went off in my head and I realised it wasn’t a

warrant card. I used to offer beauty treatments at Fettes and I had the same pass to get in.

“I said ‘you’re not a police officer’ and he got straight back into his car and drove off. I followed him on to the A7.

“I was flashing my lights to get him to stop but he wouldn’t. He was trying to lose me, but I took down his registration plate before he went down a different road.”

The incident took place at around 3.30pm on May 3 as the woman drove her mother to the Borders. A report has been sent to the procurator fiscal.

Last month she received a letter from the force’s Professional Standards Department to say a report had been made to the Crown Office unit in Glasgow which probes alleged wrongdoing by officers and police staff. It is understood that the fiscal’s office is deciding whether the civilian worker should be formally charged.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “We can confirm that a complaint was received from a member of the public relating to the conduct of a serving member of police staff. The matter has been reviewed internally and is now being considered by the procurator fiscal in Glasgow.”

Last week, a motorist told of his worrying escape from a bogus policeman with a fake flashing blue light who got him to stop at a quiet roadside spot in East Lothian on October 21.

Billy McLachlan, 27, was pulled over beside Haddington Golf Club. The bogus officer asked Mr McLachlan to get out of his vehicle.

After the supermarket worker refused due to the man’s lack of ID, the fraudster tried to open his car door.