Brandon Terrace is just the place for a Moo-chip dining experience

Moo Cafeteria
Moo Cafeteria
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I AM a fan of all things moo. I am a self-confessed carnivore, an obsessive compulsive ice-cream eater and a cheese devotee. Moo Cafeteria in Canonmills had, therefore, long been on my ‘to do’ list. I was, however, taken aback when I heard my vegetarian friend raving of its merits, and realised that it must be worth a visit.

The vegetarian was busy, and so I visited with a fellow carnivore. Friday nights see the usual 5pm curfew extended for the famed Burger Night, and with free corkage there is nothing not to love. The casual setting is ideal for a chilled-out treat at the end of a chaotic week. From the Manga posters to the old aquarium transformed into a multi-tier model cow farm, the attention to the decor’s detail is quirky and light hearted, an approach extended to the dishes.

My companion regretted his heavy lunch when he saw The Lie In – a homemade burger topped with haggis, black pudding and a fried egg (£8.95). With a heavy heart, he had to admit weakness and opt for a slightly lighter option, aptly named The Deliverance.

I thoroughly enjoyed my La Vachement – topped with garlic, onions and brie (£7.95) - and the portions were generous, with handmade chips, homemade coleslaw and salad. Following it up with a sundae each was unnecessary, but unavoidable. Just the thought of mounds of Luca’s ice-cream covered in hundreds and thousands in my banana split turned me into a giddy five-year-old. The fellow carnivore opted for a metro-sexual Malimoo Beach, with coconut ice-cream and crunched up meringue. Needless to say, both glasses were licked clean and we rolled ourselves out of the door.

n Moo Cafeteria, 9 Brandon Terrace, 0131 557 3226,