Braveheart impersonator warns kilt gropers

Some kilt-wearers have been groped by tourists.
Some kilt-wearers have been groped by tourists.
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A BRAVEHEART impersonator has launched a stinging attack on randy tourists – after he revealed they continually put their hands up his kilt.

Adam Watters – who performs as iconic Scottish hero William Wallace for tourists’ pictures on the capital’s Royal Mile – has blasted the female tourists who cheekily attempt to check if he is a ‘true Scotsman’.

Adam, from Prestonpans, East Lothian, took to Facebook to warn off the kilt-lifters and gropers who have been harassing him while he plays the part of Wallace on Edinburgh’s world famous thoroughfare.

Adam, who donates the cash he raises to charity, posted: “When a man looks at a woman any longer than a few seconds, he’s a perv. But when a woman drools at a man in a kilt, that’s OK?

“And when a man puts his hand on a woman [there is] hell to pay, but when a woman walks up in the street and grabs your kilt [there is] no respect for you, your costume or your cause.

“I know there are some real scumbags out there with no respect men or woman, but [let me] make this very clear when I’m working on the Royal Mile and it happens again - from any silly hen night or smart arse - be well warned. I love and respect women, but don’t be silly.”

And Adam’s online outburst has been backed by fellow kilt wearers who also claim they are regularly harassed by women wanting a peek at their bagpipes.

Marti Morrison said: “It happens a lot pal and yes it is unfair. A woman lifted my kilt up in a pub and grabbed my erse (sic) so her pals could chuckle.

“She exposed me to the whole busy pub and I went mad at her, but every woman there told me stop making a fuss as I was overreacting.

William Carr posted: “It has happened many times to me. Once when an American tried to lift my kilt in France to impress some girls. He was then told by an Englishman ‘that is why Scots wear little knives in their socks’.

“He then went pale and apologised profusely.”

And Derek Stewart added: “Be a different kettle of fish if a bloke pulled up a woman’s skirt in public – he would be done for sexual harassment. Double standards indeed.”

But pal Ted Cook took a slightly different view when he wrote: “Personally I think it’s great in the gear as no chat up lines are required – all the pretty gals want your attention.”

Adam, 46, has performed stunts in several films including Pirates of the Caribbean and King Arthur and appeared as William Wallace in a TV ad with Gary Lineker.

The actor was also charged with firearm offences in 2013 after a tourist complained about “a man with a blue face pointing a gun”.

Adam had his replica weapons – including a flintlock pistol and short muskets - confiscated by police following the complaint, before all charges against the Braveheart actor were eventually dropped.