Breaking Bad trinkets deliver a massive hit

Kate Rowland has designed jewellery inspired by Breaking Bad. Picture: Contributed
Kate Rowland has designed jewellery inspired by Breaking Bad. Picture: Contributed
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There are likely to be tears before bedtime tonight as diehard Breaking Bad fans across the Capital tune in to the last-ever episode.

But while Heisenberg’s principles look more and more uncertain, Edinburgh fans are certainly keen to show their love for the TV series before it ends, with a local boutique admitting it was struggling to meet demand for a range of Breaking Bad-themed jewellery.

The earrings and brooches depict popular sayings and images from the show, one of the most successful and popular in TV history. Designs include the beakers that main characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman use for their suspect science experiments, and the RV used to hide them from prying eyes – complete with blue smoke pouring from the sunroof.

The pieces, being sold at Hannah Zakari on Candlemaker Row, were created by Bedford-based designer Kate Rowland, 23, who, like Walter, fell into her business by chance and quickly made a killing.

She said: “I only started making jewellery in February last year, when I was still studying illustration at the Arts University College Bournemouth. I have a friend who is a massive Twin Peaks fan, so I made her a ‘Damn Fine Coffee’ brooch. She really loved it, so I started designing other pieces and selling them online.”

The designs are hand drawn by Kate, converted into a graphic and then lasered on to pieces of poplar plywood. As well as Breaking Bad, Kate has also created pieces themed for other popular shows such as Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks and Arrested Development.

“At first I was getting one or two orders a week, but it kept building up. Then, once I was selling about 30 pieces a week, retailers, including Hannah Zakari, started getting in touch asking if they could buy my pieces wholesale.”

And just like Walt and Jesse, she may have started small, but things just keep getting bigger and bigger.

“I’m now doing them in batches of about 100 at a time and supplying six stores in England, one in the Netherlands, and I’ve got two in Scotland as a store in Glasgow has also just started stocking them.”

Rachael Griffiths, who owns the Hannah Zakari boutique, says the Breaking Bad pieces are best-sellers.

Griffiths, 36, who lives in Stockbridge, said: “The reaction has been fantastic. I was a little bit concerned that some people might think it was in bad taste, but anyone who has ever seen the show knows it really does not encourage drug use. The most popular piece is the beaker with ‘Let’s Cook’ written over it. Even people who have never seen Breaking Bad still love the little beaker-shaped earrings.

“The Game of Thrones pieces are probably the next most popular – but I imagine they might take over once the next series arrives!”

Driven by desperate times

THE last-ever episode of Breaking Bad becomes available to download on Netflix UK today, and is expected to be viewed by record numbers of users within the first 24 hours.

Breaking Bad, created by Vince Gilligan, tells the story of Walter White, a mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher living in New Mexico. Already having to work a second job to support his pregnant wife and disabled son, he is devastated to discover that not only does he have terminal lung cancer, but that his medical bills will leave his family destitute after his death. When he runs into former student Jesse Pinkman, now making his living dealing methamphetamine, Walter decides to use the time he has left to make enough money to support his family for the rest of their lives.