Burgled couple reunited with precious jewels

Elizabeth Fraser with her engagement ring. Picture: Toby Williams
Elizabeth Fraser with her engagement ring. Picture: Toby Williams
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An elderly woman has been 
reunited with sentimental jewellery after she and her husband returned from holiday to find their house had been robbed.

Gordon and Elizabeth Fraser arrived home from a fortnight’s cruise around Norway to discover their front door had been forced open.

The pensioners were devastated to find that precious items, including Mrs Fraser’s half-carat engagement ring, had been snatched.

Electrical items including an iPad and a Nova laptop were also taken from their Dean 
Village home.

Officers from Police 
Scotland’s Search and Recovery Team (SART) alerted pawn shops across the city about the stolen goods.

But the thief’s luck ran out when he went to four different second-hand dealers to sell on the jewels.

The traders recognised the description and duly called police, who caught up with the thief soon after – to find him with Mrs Fraser’s iPad in his back pocket.

Mr Fraser said he and his wife were relieved to be reunited with the items which they had lost hope of seeing again.

“We got home at about 10.30pm to find the door open. We went in and saw one or two things missing – an iPad, jewellery. I phoned police and they were here within half an hour. Our neighbour thought they heard a bang earlier in the evening,” said Mr Fraser.

“There was no mess at all – they didn’t pull drawers out or anything. He must have been a very house-proud thief. It was hard to come back from holiday to find that.”

Mr Fraser said his wife’s pendant necklace and engagement ring were “very sentimental” to her.

The couple said they wanted to thank police for their swift action and hailed the SART team for contacting local firms.

Mr Fraser said: “[The police] were very non-committal about whether or not we’d get it back or not, but we were very impressed with them, they were absolutely superb. ”

A 32-year-old man was charged in connection with the break-in after being arrested in the Dalry area.

Detective Inspector Graham Grant said: “We remain committed to combating this type of criminality and we continue to do this through our housebreaking initiative, Operation RAC.”