It’s not spin – company’s growth rise is by design

Vert Rotors team has developed cheap and powerful micro compressors for cars and satellites
Vert Rotors team has developed cheap and powerful micro compressors for cars and satellites
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COMPRESSOR design and manufacturing firm Vert Rotors is celebrating after an impressive 197 per cent year-on-year leap in turnover.

“It really has been an outstanding year,” said CEO Olly Dmitriev. “The team has worked incredibly hard to get us to the position we are in today.”

The leap in growth suggests the firm is significantly ahead of competitors in its particular field, winning a clutch of awards along the way.

From a unit at Gracemount Business Pavilion, the company has created a new compressor which it says is three times more powerful, producing 200 per cent higher pressure than its nearest competitor on the market for the same input of electric power.

The firm has had to take on more space to cope with what it says is increased demand, allowing their precision manufacturing facility in Edinburgh to increase production of its micro compressors. They have also hired five new design and manufacturing engineers, a range of highly skilled and high value jobs coming to Edinburgh, the company is quick to point out.

Dmitriev said: “I started this company with a product that was not available on the ­market, in an industry that had seen little innovation in ­compressor technology in ­decades. I spotted a gap in the market and never looked back. We shall continue to work hard to revolutionise manufacturing capabilities across a range of industries with our micro ­compressors.

“It is great to see that our growth has increased year on year by 197 per cent and we want to push forward to keep on track for 2018.”

His efforts have been widely recognised by industry, as much as by clients.

He was recently named in the UK’s Top 100 Manufacturers and recognised as Inventor of the Year in Scotland in 2017.

The company also won ­the Management Team of the Year Award in Scotland by BVCA. Among its clients, the company supplies to Fortune-500 innovation leaders in the UK, the USA and the EU.

The firm manufactures the world’s most compact high pressure and low vibration gas compressors for use in high-performance supercars and satellites.

Vert’s compressors ­produce 200 per cent higher pressure despite weighing only 30 per cent of the next smallest low-vibration compressor on the market.

The conical screw developed by Vert solves the problem of noise and vibration.

Their research and development has been recognised with four patents granted last year to protect the company’s intellectual property and innovation; two in the US and two in Europe for their software algorithm and design of their conical compressor.

Protecting their IP is “incredibly important to the company”, they say, as it means all the revenue generated by their designs is retained in Scotland to boost the ­economy.