Michael Gilmartin: We’ll step up to the coffee cup challenge

Dufrain's campaign aims to reduce the number of throwaway cups being sent to waste
Dufrain's campaign aims to reduce the number of throwaway cups being sent to waste
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As an Edinburgh-based data consultancy, saving the planet and it’s wonderous wildlife is a slight departure from our day job of helping CDO’s create effective data functions, senior business stakeholders make key decisions and project managers achieve their ambitious deadlines by deploying our people to deliver success.

However, with the launch of our “#GetBusyLiving – Have a coffee, save a cup” campaign this is exactly what we are doing. We hope that this initiative will inspire other organisations in Edinburgh and beyond to act and together we can make a real difference to the environment.

Michael Gilmartin is the founder and CEO of Dufrain

Michael Gilmartin is the founder and CEO of Dufrain

Back in 2010 Dufrain was launched based on one simple idea: the importance of the eternal dilemma explored in a Dufrainians favourite film – The Shawshank Redemption – whether to get busy living or get busy dying.

Over the years this ethos has informed our approach to how we treat our staff and how we do business with our clients. It has led to the expansion to over 100 consultants across the UK and has allowed us to help global banks and insurers, retailers and SMEs to overcome the challenges they face with data management, business intelligence, analytics and regulation.

We’ve also always been supporting our staff and the local community through charitable events – fundraising and support is a key element of what it means to be a Dufrainain. In fact, last year our people were involved in raising more than £83k for a series of amazing charities and causes.

This year, a key global issue was identified while watching Blue Planet. The programme highlighted just how much unnecessary damage we as a society, were inflicting upon the environment.

Growing concerns surrounding the use of plastics, further urged us to act. Therefore, we decided to launch our “Have a coffee, save a cup” campaign, which aims to prevent 1,000,000 throwaway cups from being sent to waste.

We picked travel cups because it appeared to be the most relevant and long-lasting change that we could make.

Being a data consultancy, we analysed the numbers and found roughly 2.5 billion takeaway cups are thrown away every year in the UK. Not only does this damage the planet and lead to litter on the streets of Edinburgh; but it increases the cost of a coffee and is completely unnecessary.

With our consultants working on site with some of the largest organisations in the UK, we felt that having them distribute cups would not only cut down on the number of throwaway cups but inspire our clients to implement their own changes – something we do regularly when helping them to make sense of their data, save cost and waste in complex change programmes and make the right decisions on getting the best technology to help them exploit their data effectively.

We know that our efforts are a small drop in the ocean, but we feel that it is proof that any organisation can do their part and make a difference. We believe it is important that organisations acknowledge their responsibility towards the planet and begin to take steps in the right direction towards protecting it.

Over the next few months we are planning to give away 1000s of these cups. So far, we have been blown away by the support and we are encouraging every recipient to share their daily fix of coffee on social media.

If you’d like to help us send your details to marketing@dufrain.co.uk & we’ll give you a cup.

Michael Gilmartin is the founder and CEO of Dufrain