Sir Tom reveals secret of his success - his wife.

P Sir Tom Farmer paised wife for his success.Picture: Ian Georgeson
P Sir Tom Farmer paised wife for his success.Picture: Ian Georgeson
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Sir Tom Farmer, one of Scotland’s richest businessmen, has revealed the secret behind his success - his wife of nearly 50 years.

The founder of Kwik-Fit who started off working as a trainee for a tyre company but he quickly built up his own business empire which earned him an estimated wealth of £130million.

Sir Tom confessed that although hard work played a part in his success, his partner Anne was his inspiration.

Speaking at The Scottish Business Exhibition the Edinburgh-based entrepreneur said: “Part of the success is having a good private life.

“You need to have a life whereby come the end of the day there is no pressure on you, so that you never get to the point where you are working and you feel guilty because you’re not home or you are at home and you feel guilty that you’re not working.

“From the home side, you have got to make sure your wife and you are singing from the same hymn sheet.

“You’ve got to make sure, as far as your business is concerned, when you are not working that they are not objecting.

“It is about getting the balance right.”

Sir Tom founded his own tyre retailing business in 1964 which he sold five years later for £450,000.

The couple moved to the US but returned to Edinburgh and Sir Tom later founded the Kwik-Fit chain of garages in 1971.

The business quickly grew and centres were soon opened across Europe.

Kwik-Fit had more than 2,000 garages in 18 different countries when Sir Tom sold the firm to Ford in 1999 for more than £1billion.