STV to axe separate Edinburgh news bulletin

The STV newsroom in Fountainbridge. Picture: Jane Barlow
The STV newsroom in Fountainbridge. Picture: Jane Barlow
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STV’s flagship evening news bulletin will no longer offer viewers in the east coast a separate edition, it was revealed today.

The broadcaster will instead offer 10 minutes of local content, with the remainder of the 6pm show being taken from a central broadcast in Glasgow.

STV will retain a team in the Capital but the evening show will lose its different host presenter. Previously, the studio in Fountainbridge had full autonomy over the east coat edition’s running order and choice of stories.

It shared content from a central political and sports reporting team with the other evening bulletins broadcast from Glasgow and Aberdeen, while also offering a mix of its own news and sports reports.

The News understands four editorial and three production roles based in Edinburgh are at risk, along with one digital reporter role.

The changes were revealed today as part of a wider restructure of the media giant.

More than 50 jobs across STV are at risk of being cut.

One insider told the News: “The mood in here after the news is like a funeral. Ending the Edinburgh show. It’s a huge mistake. Folk in Edinburgh have loved having their own bulletin and I doubt they will follow it if it reverts to being a Glasgow-centric show.”

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