They’re ‘destroying Scotland’; Readers react to minimum alcohol price

Not everyone is happy with an historic ruling that will guarantee minimum unit pricing for alcohol in Scotland.
Not everyone is happy with an historic ruling that will guarantee minimum unit pricing for alcohol in Scotland.
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Evening News readers have largely savaged the decision to make Scotland the first country in the world to introduce minimum unit pricing for alcohol.

Supreme Court justices gave their backing to the controversial measure today in what ministers in Edinburgh hailed as an “historic and far-reaching judgment”.

But a majority of people who responded to the breaking news on the Evening News’ Facebook page were angry with the ruling, arguing the decision would only hurt those on low incomes and force up all alcohol prices across the Capital.

Kirsty Leslie posted: “The snp are literally destroying Scotland, if people want to abuse alcohol this will not stop them, I wonder if the MSP’S will be paying full price for their alcohol in the parliament, I think not, fully subsidised by the Tax Payer!!!”

Richard Haines added: “So, those on a low income just about getting by, and happen to enjoy a few responsible drinks here and there, will now have to give that up as well, on top of having to give up holidays, nice meals out and trips to the cinema. What a joke!”

Ian Munro continued: “So in order to tackle problem drinkers ( who will no doubt still find a way to feed their habit) every drinker in Scotland will now be paying more.”

Caroline Currie blamed the Scottish Government, saying: “The SNP don’t have a clue about economics and elasticity of demand. People will continue to buy alcohol even if it means spending less on food. It’s the poorest in society who will once again bear the brunt of this.”

Ross Warren said: “Well that’s gonna put a lot of people out of work as cheaper brands will no longer be cheaper, once again those on lowest incomes are the ones to pay for some hairbrained SNP scheme, not only do they work you into the ground but now make it more expensive to unwind with a bottle of beer or glass of wine at the end of the day.”

Alan Brown added: “Another victory for the nanny state. Punish everyone rather than have anyone take any personal responsibility for themselves or their actions.”

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Some believed liquor outlets would be the ones to benefit most from the changes, with the SNP planning to set the minimum unit price for alcohol at 50 pence. Others thought the minimum pricing wasn’t the end of the world.

Scott Dixon said: “Morrison’s in Berwick will be rubbing their hands with glee at this news. Bring on the booze cruises.”

Andrew Aitken posted: “All that’s going on in this island and the world and people are miffed that they are having to pay a bit extra for their booze. So glad that people have their priorities right.....”

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There were a few readers who saw some immediate benefits or even applauded the decision, which has been five years in the making.

Mike Langan declared: “Unbelievable comments..... well done the whole of the Scottish Parliament, irrelevant of whose idea it was. People have the choice to drink to much and always should but let’s not help them. No one shouted too loudly about restrictions on tobacco pricing, sales and advertising so let’s be sensible. This is sensible and proactive.”

Vicki McDowall said: “The cheap prices of alcohol are definitely a problem, especially if you suffer from alcoholism, it’s a disease and needs to be tackled from all angles.”

Sharon Roy stressed: “Although I am happy about this decision, I still believe that educating the young to the dangers that alcohol can cause needs to be done. It needs to be recognised as a mental illness and the youngsters of today need to know the draw it has and how much can be lost if you become addicted and cannot control it. Least this is a start!!