Cafe Troy anger at Greggs outdoor seating

Cafe Troy has objected to Greegs' application to create an outdoor seating area. Picture: Gordon Fraser
Cafe Troy has objected to Greegs' application to create an outdoor seating area. Picture: Gordon Fraser
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Planning chiefs have been urged to use their loaf over a bakery giant’s plans to offer al-fresco dining.

News that pastry firm Greggs wants permission to roll out eight chairs outside its takeaway in the heart of Dalkeith has been criticised by neighbouring Cafe Troy.

The eatery has its own seating area a few doors down and just a stone’s throw away, the Continental Café also has outdoor tables for its customers.

Owner Hacer Gursoy said Greggs’ plans take the biscuit – putting “unreasonable pressure” on her business.

Mrs Gursoy said: “It’s too much competition. Greggs’ sausage rolls are so much cheaper than ours, because everything they sell is prepared elsewhere and fully baked on the premises.

“This is too much pressure on our business. We can’t afford to buy our ingredients wholesale like they do because we cook everything from fresh.”

Cafe Troy, which is one of several cafes in the town, opened its doors in Jarnac Court 18 years ago. Last year, it was nominated in several categories for the Midlothian Food and Drink Awards.

Greggs has also applied for permission to move in to a bigger store a few doors down from its current premises.

In a formal objection to the application, Mrs Gursoy said: “Dalkeith is full of pubs, eateries and second-hand shops – the council needs to attract other businesses to open so that it can benefit everyone. Please think again – you have an obligation to look after the interests of your existing tenants.”

The largest bakery chain in the UK, Greggs employs 20,000 staff across more than 1600 stores, some of which have seating.

A spokesman for Greggs said the firm was adapting its stores to meet customer demand.

He said: “Having listened to our customers we recognise the demands of the modern retail environment are changing, so we continue to enhance what Greggs has to offer for the convenience of its customers.

“An important feature of our new bakery food-on-the-go format shops is the provision of seating for customers where possible.”

The application will be decided by Midlothian Council’s planning department.