Call for action as children’s charity deluged with debris in Leith

CCLASP owner Valerie Simpson amid the dumped items.
CCLASP owner Valerie Simpson amid the dumped items.
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A Children’s cancer charity has been dogged by “heartless” flytippers who have been blocking the entrance to their toy warehouse.

Huge piles of waste, including baths and three-piece suites, have been dumped outside CCLASP’s premises for several months.

Cancer-stricken children and their families have had to climb over the debris to get to the toy warehouse in North Leith Sands, owned by Leith-based 
C & W Assets.

Owner and founder Valerie Simpson, said: “The fly-tipping started about two months ago.

“It’s obviously somebody who is doing house clearances and have decided it’s a nice place to dispose of their stuff. There’s three-piece suites, panelling, baths and hoovers.”

The charity was established by Valerie and Bill Simpson, after their six-year-old son Robert was diagnosed with adult leukaemia. It provides a drop-in centre for the parents, teenagers and sick children allowing them to talk to others who have been through a similar experience and also donates toys from its warehouse in Leith.

Valerie said: “We have children who are suffering from cancer come down and we take them to the warehouse where they can choose a toy to cheer them up. How does it cheer you up when you have to climb over things to get there? It’s happening every weekend. There’s been stuff there for a month now.

“I can’t believe someone would dump this stuff in front of a charity for children with cancer – what kind of a person would do that?”
One tenant of the Lindsay Road industrial estate, who did not want to be named, said used condoms had been found in the area which is often frequented by prostitutes.

“The problem is just 

“It’s been going on for years. The council is not responsible for this – it’s C & W Assets who should be cleaning this up.”

Leith councillor Gordon Munro described the culprits as “heartless”. “They are upsetting children suffering from cancer and leukaemia and their parents who are having to make their way round this irresponsible dumping to receive the help of this respected charity at a difficult time in their lives. Someone knows who is doing this.

“I hope they get caught and fined.”

A council spokesman said: “This land at North Leith Sands is factored by C&W Assets and they are therefore responsible for maintaining any waste ground and verges. This includes removing any fly tipping that occurs. However, we have provided assistance where possible in the past and we continue to investigate who is responsible for this.”

A spokesman for C & W Assets said the company was dealing with the matter, but declined to comment further.