Call to review listed repair requirements

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A LEADING architect today called for Historic Scotland to review its requirements on listed buildings amid continuing concerns about the massive bills faced by homeowners in the statutory repairs scheme.

Lorn Macneal said the system once worked well and he wanted to see it do so again.

But he stressed some requirements – such as using lead rather than felt for roof work – should be reconsidered.

He said: “Yes, lead may last twice as long, but felt roofs are a third of the price and, most importantly, will not be stolen.”

He added that the cost of rebuilding chimneys was another concern. “Historic Scotland insists any stone chimneys on listed buildings must be rebuilt in stone,” he said.

“I can sympathise with that stance where a chimney is in a prominent location, but surely not rear or unsighted chimneys where they could be rebuilt in rendered brick at less than half the cost?”

A Historic Scotland spokeswoman said: “We would always advise the use of the most appropriate materials to secure the future of the building.”

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