Calls to end ‘bullying’ Edinburgh Facebook page

The site was just set up this week but has already been flooded with pictures
The site was just set up this week but has already been flooded with pictures
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FACEBOOK is facing demands to shut down a “bullying” web page where photographs of young women from Edinburgh are being posted in order to mock their looks.

The page which has attracted more than 5000 “likes” has been branded cruel beyond belief by victims who have had their snaps posted.

Death threats have been made against the mystery person behind the site, which is even said to have hosted the snap of one young woman from the Capital who has recently died.

The moderator of the page, which also features pictures of young men, has offered to take down pictures of anyone featured if they make contact and object, but victims say that does not go far enough and the page should be closed down.

Last night a 23-year-old whose picture was posted without his permission said he’s reported the site to Facebook.

The Craigentinny resident, who does not wish to be named, said: “At first I kind of laughed it off, but when I saw some of the other photos that have been posted and the comments being made, I can’t really call that anything other than bullying.”

Of his complaint to the social media giant’s operators, he continued: “You can track complaints and mine hasn’t even been read yet.”

A 17-year-old Leith girl messaged the person believed to be responsible for the site to ask for her picture to be taken down – only for her mobile number to be posted on the site.

She said: “I kept messaging him to take it down and he took my mobile number and posted it on the page. I have had some texts but thankfully they’ve all been from people telling me not to listen to the nasty comments.”

She continued: “This has really knocked my confidence and made me feel worthless. I know other girls who struggle with their body image and something like this could drive them to suicide.”

The cruel site is only believed to have been set up last week – but has already been flooded with pictures and offensive comments. One picture was removed after commenters said the woman featured had passed away.

Emma-Jane Cross, founder of BeatBullying, said people should starve such sites of what they seek most – followers. She said: “Cyberbullying continues to be a dangerous problem and we cannot ignore its devastating effects. Social networking sites must address this immediately and offer better protection for the victims.

“We would also encourage Facebook users to avoid these pages – if no one follows them, they will not exist.”

The person responsible for the site did not respond to a request for comment. However a recent post by the site creator read: “Death threats – BRILLIANT! LOLOL.”

Facebook could not be reached for comment.