Calls to move Granton ‘blackspot’ away from homes

The latest accident on Lower Granton Road. Picture: Edinburgh's Worst Drivers
The latest accident on Lower Granton Road. Picture: Edinburgh's Worst Drivers
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CAMPAIGNERS are demanding a road at a notorious accident blackspot is dug up and relaid ten feet away from nearby homes.

Councillor Allan Jackson, pictured, is leading calls to realign Lower Granton Road away from a terrace street that has seen more than 100 accidents in a decade.

In many of the collisions vehicles have ploughed into the front of homes.

It comes just days after a driver smashed into two parked cars sending them careering into two properties.

A 20-year-old man and a passenger were taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary for treatment for minor injuries. Police are investigating the circumstances of the 3.40am incident.

But the city remains cool on the proposals, insisting the cost of the work would run into millions of pounds.

Cllr Jackson, one of the longest serving in City Chambers, said the road had to be relocated between Wardie Steps and Granton Square to protect pedestrians.

And he has called for an urgent meeting to source funding pots and discuss with residents how to make their street safer.

“It is just luck that no-one had been killed,” he said.

“Urgent action needs to be taken.

“The road has to be widened or moved further away from the houses and I’m more than happy to take this on.

“The people living along that area are the most affected and need to think that is the best solution.

“I think the majority want the road pushed away from their homes. There is a big grassy area towards the seaside where it could go.”

Cllr Jackson admitted the cost of the work has not been calculated but suggested that the bulk of the funding could come from the capital 

The straightening of an “S-bend” at Trinity Crescent is expected to be completed this week in a bid to reduce the accident rate.

A council spokeswoman said the city had installed traffic calming measures such as pedestrian crossings and electronic speed warnings to address the problem.

She said: “Funding made available in 2007 was not sufficient to undertake the complete realignment of Lower Granton Road, and was therefore used to realign the junction at Trinity Crescent and Trinity Road, which will result in the reduction of congestion and queuing traffic.”

A £1 million grant to improve roadways following major development in both Granton and Newhaven Harbours was agreed with Forth Ports in 2002.